Can Twitch And Mixer Co-exist Successfully?

Back in 2011, a video game streaming service named Twitch launched online. Since then, the platform has gone on to gain huge success, influencing the gaming industry in brand new ways. With over 15 million daily users, Twitch one of the most popular sites on the web. If you want to watch pro gamers play, check out new gaming headsets and gaming chairs, or just watch some casual gameplay, Twitch makes that possible. In 2017, the Microsoft-owned streaming platform Mixer was unveiled, offering both PC and Xbox One users a much simpler way to stream their content. Although many were dismissive of Mixer in the beginning, the platform has started to gain some traction.

Look no further than the exclusive deal between Mixer and streaming icon “Ninja” that occurred in 2019, which saw the gaming headset-wearing personality switch from his home platform on Twitch. Ninja had millions of fans on Twitch prior to the jump, and unless he wanted to destroy his career on purpose, Mixer must seem promising. In the brief time that Ninja has been at Mixer, he’s already amassed millions of subscribers. With both Twitch and Mixer becoming huge companies in streaming entertainment, the question remains: can both of these companies co-exist and still see success?

On the positive side, both platforms have audiences and features that make them unique. Twitch is often the home of rising pro gamers and will continue to be that way for a while. On Twitch, you’re likely to see a competitive gamer donning the highest quality gaming headset available, preparing themselves for the next big tournament. Mixer likes to tote viewer interaction as a focal point, offering a variety of exclusive features you won’t find on Twitch. Mixer also rewards viewers with experience points for watching, a small mechanic that sets the platform apart.

Where the future lies for Twitch and Mixer is anyone’s guess. Both platforms will likely see continued success, and perhaps the competition is good for both parties. Twitch has started branching out, allowing streamers to host content that isn’t directly related to gaming. Mixer continues to build a following, and the new Xbox console releasing in 2020 will likely give the platform another boost. As long as neither company gets too greedy, which let’s face it there a good chance one or both definitely will at some point, there’s a good chance both Twitch and Mixer will be able to co-exist in the streaming world for years to come peacefully.