Encryption Basics

What does encryption means?

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Encryption is one of the most essential parts for setting up any kind of network. What it does is converts data that you use into a for that can’t be read. This is for the primary function of privacy and protects you from people who want to harm you. This can include, whatever building that you happen to be using, or hackers who want to take data from you. There is also decryption to know where data is coming from. When looking for certain sources in networks, you’ll often need both to get the result you want.

What Cyphertop provides

Cyphertop offers great encryption software for just about any device that you own. You can use it on Linux, Windows, IoS , android and MAC. This means that you can use it on your phone, laptop, computer, tablet or any other kind of device that you own. What they specialize in mostly is make sure that the network that you are using is secured and properly encrypted to protect from people who want to harm you. Everyday, new advances are made in networking to try to harm networks and there needs for be stronger protection for that.

This matters a lot because there are a lot of different things that can be done for a breach to happen. It could be clicking on an area that gives your information to someone else and there will be nothing that you can do. Sometimes, it will be creating an account that’s able to give your information to someone else. There are a lot of apps that helps to block these items on websites, but it’s not enough to be completely safe. Software, like Cyphertop, is constantly updating their apps to minimize the chance of someone stealing or looking at your data.

Cyphertop algorithim

In math, an algorithm allows you to have a set of rules that will eventually give you some kind of result. In networking, algorithms are everywhere and are constantly working to make sure that you care giving the best option every time. The algorithm for this software is designed in such a way that there will be red flags if someone is trying to penetrate the network. It will usually just make whatever the attacker is doing useless. Even people who make the code, have a really tough time trying to break through the security system.

How it elevates basic encryption

One of the newer aspects of networking is quantum encryption and this software has been made for perpetrators who want to use this complex method. Once it’s able to get set up, there’s a specific source code that you need to input to make sure that it works. Even then, you can’t quantify the amount of analysis that are possible. The best aspect of this is the speed of how it’s able to get the encryption done. A supercomputer can look at hundreds of thousands of encryptions and make good decisions based on what it sees.