How To Make Your Web Design More User-centric?

More than the visual aspect of the website design, its usability determines how viable the website is? The number of websites today is a lot and therefore the ultimate aim of the web designer is to provide an experience to the user that is top class. The website design should be based upon the basic patterns of user interactions.

What does the user think?

* User always looks for ease. The required information should be easily available without much hassle and without much clicking involved.
* User also looks for quality. Design plays an effective role in conveying the message but the content’s credibility and authenticity determines repeated visits.
* User looks for easy language and explanation. Short sentences and proper indentations are helpful. Until required essentially, simple explanations should be used.

Elements to consider

According to Wikipedia, there are 3 elements in a rhetorical situation and the user-centric website design module revolves around rhetorical situations.
The 3 elements are: Audience, Purpose and Context.
* The document or the website should consider the pool of users who are going to use it. It should be made in compliance to their thoughts, ethnicity and other demographic factors as much as possible.
* The purpose or the goal of the website should be clear and cut-straight. It should be to the point without any vague branching.
* A need triggers the creation of the website or the web page and the website design should therefore in sync with the context.

How to make the user more inclusive?

A user would appreciate if the UI speaks to her. She would feel a lot more interested if she could give feedbacks whenever she wants to. This makes the user feel that her responses have meaning. The user must not be left unattended at any point of time on the web page. The web designer should consider the proper responses to be given to the user when she performs an action on the website. Simple sentences like ‘your response has been submitted’ would work.

Winding up

Lastly, at the end, if the following questions are answered by your web design then it would definitely provide the user a very good experience.
* Who are the users of the web page and can their needs be fulfilled?
* What purpose does the web page serve?
* Can this website serve the user with various levels of technical knowledge?
* Is the UI enjoyable and easy to handle?
* Is the website hassle free and easy to interpret?
* Is the content on the web page crisp and clear?
Follow the above ideas to make your website design user friendly. The better the experience of the user, the better is the conversion rate.