What you should know about technology

How much do you know about technology? It could be that you only know the negative or positive part of it or it could be that you might not know so much. Technology keeps on birthing its future and as time goes we keep on realizing new things about it

1.There Will Be Ever-Increasing Innovation

The pace of innovation will only increase — we’ll see more apps in the cloud, more disruptive platforms, more communication mediums, and more challenges to the status quo. – Erik Gustavson, Bitium

2.Cloud Strategy Will Be Important

Evolve your cloud strategy. The benefits include staying ahead of client demand, transforming your culture in a unique way, creating strategic disruption in your competitive marketplace, and unlocking the power of employee connections in your organization. Having the courage to step into this new landscape takes some strategic planning and re-jiggering, but the benefits outweigh the challenges. – Tim Young, RSG.

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Technology is related to by different people differently. When it comes to leaders in a company, it is important that they are ahead in all matters technology. After all research shows that the use of advanced technology in the work place brought in great profits. Hence the need to create a tech culture in the office.

First, leaders must recognize that we are in the midst of a technological revolution in the business world comparable to the Industrial Revolution. The most successful companies are not simply doing the same things more efficiently with technology; rather, they are using technology to conduct business in entirely new ways.

This means creating a culture of employee collaboration with technology for more productive internal operations and better processes to reach customers.

Second, leaders must recognize the silent generation gap in most companies between older and younger employees. Digital natives, those under age 35, who grew up with technology, work much more virtually then their older colleagues and managers. It is important that a company’s leadership understand what its younger employees are doing and how they work, and enable them to work in the most productive and creative ways.

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Technology should be relatable. Just because something is out there does not mean that it is a one for all kind of thing. Technology should be enjoyed by all.

BAE – A meeting/dating platform intended for the African American community. BAE’s Founder, Brian Gerrard, told me after the show that on many popular dating apps African Americans often get only about 1/10 as many messages as people of other ethnicities – a poor response rate that often leads African Americans to stop using the apps altogether. BAE, he explained, provides an environment where African Americans and others seeking to date within the community are far more likely to succeed in actually meeting people.

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